Mystery Covid-like China virus now in Europe and resistant to treatments

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    The mystery Covid-like mystery China virus is already proving to be “resistant” to comment treatments, an expert has claimed.

    The strange unidentified virus has been causing chaos in China for weeks, with the world on high alert over fears a new pandemic could be on the way. Although it so far only seems to impact mainly children, it saw officials in neighbouring countries such as India, who are wary of another virus spreading through their population following the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2019, readying themselves for action.

    It has already reached Europe – with Denmark and Holland confirming an influx of cases – with the World Health Organisation on high alert and said to be monitoring the situation. However, Mihai Andrei, the editor-in-chief of top scientific website ZME Science has claimed that the virus is already showing a worrying resistance to drugs normally associated with a pneumonia-like illness.

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    He said: “It’s possible that another pathogen, perhaps even an inconspicuous one that wouldn’t normally cause major issues, is causing co-infections along with Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Another problem is that the bacterium is developing resistance to common treatments.

    “The pathogen is usually treated with antibiotics known as macrolides. However, an over-reliance on such treatments has enabled M Pneumoniae in Beijing to achieve between 70% and 90% resistance rates. This resistance may also be playing a role in the surge in pneumonia cases. The situation underscores the complexities of infectious diseases in a post-pandemic world.

    “While the immediate response focuses on managing the current outbreak, it’s also a stark reminder of the importance of long-term strategies in public health.”

    • Mystery China 'Covid-like' virus now has eight symptoms Brits should watch out for

    And while it had previously been reported that just three symptoms were key to spotting the virus – in whatever form it takes – speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, NHS GP and GP Medico-Legal expert witness Hana Patel old of the eight symptoms to look out for:

    • A very high temperature

    • Sweating and shivering

    • Rapid heartbeat

    • Sharp, stabbing chest pain

    • Quick, shallow breaths

    • Breathlessness at rest

    • A dry, irritable cough

    • Delirium or confusion

    The World Health Organization is said to be monitoring the situation worldwide.

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