Ostrich causes chaos as cop falls of motorbike trying to catch it in funny clip

A hilarious video has captured the moment a cop fell off his motorbike during a wild polce chase with an unlikely suspect along a busy road.

The incident happened when several cops on motorbikes were chasing down a runaway ostrich across the city of Zhengzhou, in north-central China's Henan Province, on November 6. In the wild clip, the long-legged animal was seen sprinting through city traffic as traffic policemen follow along making sure an accident does not occur.

Two officers rode to the left and right of the large bird while others travelled behind, attempting to keep a safe distance away from it so it would not get scared off. Several pieces of footage were captured by curious passersby as it almost appeared to be running a city marathon.

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But in one two-second-clip, one unlucky officer tumbled while riding next to the big bird at around 8am. Reports say the bird accidentally collided with one of the officers.

Both fell down but luckily went injured, and the ostrich was able to quickly get up and continue running. A witness who caught sight of the chase as it moved along the the elevated highway described the incident to local media.

The bloke, named as Mr Wang said: "It was running through the middle of the elevated road, weaving in and out. When it changed lanes in the middle, we all started to make way, and there was a bit of a traffic jam."

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After getting off the underpass, it was reportedly captured by a zoo worker at an intersection. It is now being kept at the zoo and is reported to be in good condition.

An employee from the Zhengzhou 122 Traffic Police Command Centre said: "We received the report very early in the morning. I am not exactly sure where it came from. It did run quite far, almost several tens of kilometres. (Its size) is indeed quite large."

Ostriches are incredibly fast runners and can sustain high speeds over longer distances. They are capable of running at speeds up 43 miles per hour. They use their wings to assist in running and have strong jumping abilities, capable of jumping up to around 11 feet high.

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