Ryanair passenger goes on X-rated rant at staff before storming off plane

A shocking video has captured the moment a woman hurled abuse at passengers and staff onboard a Ryanair flight before storming off the plane.

In the viral video, which has gained more than 174,000 views on X (Twitter), the Welsh woman was seen launching an X-rated tirade prior to take off. She was heard saying she "looks after her boy every single day" before she left her seat and telling other people around her to "f**k off".

She gathered her things and then screamed at a crew member to "get out of my way", calling a crew member a "w**ker". But in one final bellow, she yelled "Ryanair, suck my f**king cl*t" before storming down the aisle with her roller bag.

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To which, the male flight attendent replied: "I'm gay." Other passengers laughed and applauded as she left the plane.

It is not clear what caused the woman to become upset. However, people on social media found the 26-second clip hilarious as they took to the replies to poke fun at the incident.

One user said: "Thats a new meme for the ages." Another commented: "The 'I'm gay' at the end absolutely creased me. As if that would be the only thing stopping him "sucking her cl*t"."

A third added: "What in the name of cl****s allsorts is occurrin ere???." Meanwhile, a fourth dubbed her a "pound shop Plane Lady."

Ryanair has been approached by the Daily Star for a comment.

The news comes after a "disruptive man" who caused a Ryanair plane to make an emergency landing was booted off the aircraft as fellow passengers cheered. The incident took place on a flight from Liverpool to Ibiza on October 3, but airline staff were forced to down the plane in Bordeaux, France, after the man started exhibiting strange behaviour.

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