Woman flew to meet boyfriend – then her faceless head appeared on beach

One woman's online hook-up with a fella ended with her body parts washing up on a beach 3,000 miles away.

Former US Navy Seal Remi Adeleke has researched how criminals manipulate poor and desperate people into undergoing risky procedures for cash.

Sometimes the crime of organ harvesting is worse than deception. He cited the case of Blanca Arellano, a Mexican woman duped into flying 3,000 miles to Peru to meet her new online “boyfriend”.

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The “romance” was a scam. Blanca, 51 was never seen alive again and a few weeks after she went missing her body parts began to wash up on Peru’s Huacho beach.

Remi described how her faceless head, arms and legs washed up – together with a torso that had most of its internal organs surgically removed.

“The guy got caught because he was selling her organs on the black market”. Blanca’s 37-year-old “boyfriend” Juan Pablo Villafuerte had even uploaded videos of himself dissecting her body onto TikTok.

In another case, Remi says, “this Nigerian guy was approached by a Nigerian senator and his wife who had a sick daughter who needed a new kidney".

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“They they live in London," Remi told podcaster Julian Dorey, "and I believe they had dual citizenship. They essentially told this guy ‘Hey we'll give you seven thousand dollars if you come up here to the UK'.

"He gets up to the UK, they say ‘You need to go to this hospital and get this check up, and tell them that you're going to be giving a kidney'.

“So he goes there and he starts the process and the person that was interviewing this guy noticed that there was something particularly ‘off’ when they told him what was going to happen.”

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Luckily the plot was thwarted and in May, Ike Ekweremadu, 60, Beatrice Ekweremadu, 56 and Dr Obinna Obeta, 51, were jailed for nine years and eight months, four years and six months, and 10 years respectively at the Old Bailey on charges of conspiring to arrange the travel of a man for the purpose of harvesting his organs.

Remi says crimes like this are happening every day. Sometimes people-traffickers will pressure refugees into undergoing procedures in order to raise enough money for their travel, and sometimes people are unwittingly lured by organ-harvesters who promise them jobs, money or a home.

He says the people at the top of the organ harvesting racket are “very intelligent” and well-resourced “These people that are operating at that high level with the organ harvesting side… there's doctors and nurses that are involved they're smart people that are involved.

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“Drug cartel people for the most part, the guys at the top are really really smart brilliant people. We’re not talking about some dude that stands on the corner and sells dime bags.

“We're talking about very intelligent people. They’re running a sophisticated enterprise and that's how these rings are run …they run pretty much flawlessly”.

It’s only a few cases that make the papers, he says, and there are many, many more than go undetected.

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