Woman shouting f*** you at plane passengers screams shes Instagram famous

A woman has caused quite a stir aboard a plane after screaming "f*** you" at passengers while telling them she is "Instagram famous".

Footage of the outburst was shared to X, formerly Twitter, garnered quite the reaction from those on and off the flight. The self-proclaimed influencer was seen storming through the aisles and yelling obscenities at passengers.

Carrying her bag by her side, a woman identified as Morgan Osman was heard saying: "Shut the f*** up," and "you're a b*tch" during a fuming tirade aboard the flight.

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Noticing a few passengers were recording her outburst, she took the time to plug her alleged career path as a social media influencer. In just one breathe and a strong American accent, she provided detail on her professional undertakings while also calling someone a "f***ing bum".

The outrageous passenger could be heard saying: "Shut the f*** up. You're a b*tch. You shut the f- film me, I’m Instagram famous you f***ing bum." One final "f*** off" could be heard as she walked away.

A mixture of reactions soon followed the outburst, with passengers split between yelling and laughing. One person on board the flight was heard yelling "goodbye" as the Instagram influencer stormed down the aisle.

Twitter/X users were unmoved by her tirade and found themselves mocking the entitled outburst, which was compared to being a "millionaire in Monopoly". One user wrote: "Imagine thinking Instagram famous means anything."

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Another user blasted Osman for being "entitled" during her strop on the flight. It turns out Osman may be something of an influencer, with nearly a million followers on her Instagram account.

Fans of the star are quick to rally to her defence, calling her a "queen" and maintaining she did absolutely nothing wrong while aboard the flight. There is no confirmation as of yet what Osman had been furious about.

It is safe to say however her outburst caused quite the stir with those on board. One comment supporting the Instagram influencer read: "Idk and idc what happened, I’m on your side." Another added: "QUEEEEN you ended those ppl on the plane."

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