Trump trounces Biden by 10 points in new poll as ex-president set for 2024 win

John Bolton discusses Trump’s chances in US primaries

A new poll from the Washington Post now puts President Joe Biden a massive 10 points behind former president Donald Trump in the race for the 2024 presidential election.

Biden’s approval rating stands at about 37 percent – five percentage points lower than it was in February. The 80-year-old president’s disapproval figure is 56 percent.

However, Trump has not come out smelling of roses either. The poll asked whether voters approve or disapprove of Trump’s job in office, with 48 percent saying they approve and 49 percent saying they disapprove.

When Trump left office in January 2021, his approval rating was closer to 38 percent.

Nonetheless, the recent poll shows Trump pulling ahead of Biden by 10 percentage points – 52 to 42 – among registered voters.

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The Post explained Trump’s edge over Biden by saying “the unusual makeup of Trump’s and Biden’s coalitions in this survey suggest it is probably an outlier”.

Trump appears to be moving swiftly towards the GOP nomination, as he is favoured by 54 percent of Republicans. Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has dropped from being favored by 25 percent to just 15 percent since May.

Despite facing 91 felony counts across four indictments, Trump’s standing in polls remains steady. Forty percent of those surveyed in the Post’s poll said he is being unfairly victimized.

When asked a similar question about Biden and the launch of an impeachment inquiry led by House Republicans, 58 percent of respondents said he is being held accountable fairly, and 32 percent said he is being targeted unfairly.

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And while Biden has spent many weeks promoting his ‘Bidenomics’ plan, his approval rating on his handling of the economy has dropped to 30 percent, which is the lowest of his presidency.

More numbers from the poll show that 75 percent of Americans believe the economy is “not so good”, while 87 percent of Americans say gas and energy prices are “poor”.

Forty-four percent said they are not as well off financially as before Biden took office, and 39 percent said they are in about the same position. Only 15 percent said they are better off.

Biden is facing even more low job performance ratings amid the migrant crisis, in which many major Democrat-led cities have been plagued by high surges of migrants.

In the poll, 23 percent of Americans said they approved of Biden’s handling of the issue, while 62 percent said they did not.

Regarding the US’ involvement in the war in Ukraine, 41 percent of Americans said they believe the US is doing too much to help, while 31 percent said they thought levels of assistance were in a good place.

Fourteen percent said they thought the US was doing too little.

The looming government shutdown may also cast doubt on Biden’s administration.

Interestingly, Trump is leading Biden by some 20 points among voters under the age of 35 – in the past, Biden has won those voters by a double-digit margin.

Overall, nearly half of Americans polled said both Trump and Biden are too old to serve another term.

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