Amsterdam driving British sex and drug tourists out of red light district

Amsterdam is driving British sex and drug louts out of its red light districts as numbers of UK visitors plummet.

Arrivals from Britain to the Netherlands have plunged by 22% compared with 2019 after the tourism board ordered boozed-up oafs to stay away.

It bombarded UK men aged 18-35 with online ads showing louts being handcuffed, finger-printed and having their photos taken by cops for lairy behaviour.

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While most tourist boards would be in a spin over the visitor drop, the Netherlands celebrated the bizarre achievement at the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) annual conference last week.

It is thought to be the first time a tourist board has told visitors to get lost. Residents had reached the end of their tether with Brits brawling and urinating and vomiting into their famous canals.

The city’s famous Keukenhof tulip garden and Kinderdijk windmill district were also log-jammed with traffic. Schiphol airport has also placed a strict cap on the number of flights from the UK, to the fury of airlines.

KLM, the national Netherlands airline, branded the move "incomprehensible". Amsterdam bar owner and chair of local business association Robbert Overmeer insisted other nationalities are just as bad as Brits for antisocial behaviour, if not worse.

He said they sleep in cars, wee in the streets and buy drugs to take home. “The French and Germans are still coming,” he said.

“It’s not only the English who make problems. Banning non-residents from buying drugs in coffee shops is the way to stop it.” Amsterdam still remains a popular stag and hen destination with UK visitors, research shows.

It polled third best European city for those celebrating pre-nuptials in a study by casino review site Bonusetu. Researchers said: "Already a popular tourist destination, Amsterdam is one of the most easily accessible cities so there’s plenty of reason to party here for friends of the bride or groom."

It was beaten to top place by Romanian capital Bucharest and the Czech Republic’s Prague. Leading UK stag do company Chilli Sauce also lists Amsterdam as one of its most popular destinations.

It offers Brits guided bar crawls, lap dancing club entry and party bus trips with booze and strippers.

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