China may have thrown scientist who found Covid off a building says US expert

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    A White House health official has alleged China may have killed the researcher who first discovered the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Dr Robert Kadlec, the doctor who worked under the Donald Trump administration, believes Chinese officials nabbed military scientist Zhou Yusen and threw him from the roof of a building.

    This was allegedly after the medical expert is believed to have caused a global crisis with the outbreak of Covid-19, with Dr Yusen involved in SARS-related vaccine research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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    A new government report into the disease from Dr Kadlec alleges Dr Yusen was killed for his part in the developing outbreak back in 2020 which saw the world grind to a halt as it dealt with the virus.

    Filing a patient with Coronavirus in February 2020 which he was suspected of working on for some months in complete secrecy, Dr Yusen later "fell from the roof of the institute".

    His death in May is now surrounded by controversy, with the doctor believed to have been killed by the Chinese government after the virus escaped from the WIV and sparked a global health emergency, the Daily Mail reported.

    Dr Kadlec claims: "It looked like he was censored as a consequence of whatever happened. Our evidence would suggest that something happened while he was doing his work, which we believe was when the virus first emerged.

    "And whether he was held accountable either through some formal proceeding or not, he was certainly dead by July (2020). It's certainly possible, we considered that as a plausible possibility, however, we had no evidence to make that assessment."

    The allegations from Dr Kadlec come as he co-founded the Operation Warp Speed programme, a Covid vaccine development system which provided highly effective shots to members of public across the US.

    Rushing to create a vaccine for the virus could have led to its original outbreak though according to reports from the Republican party, who drafted a research paper to suggest Dr Yusen's work escaped containment in an accidental lab leak.

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