Nosferatu serial killer blamed alter ego Rat Man for sick torture of girls

A violent and depraved serial killer who murdered, raped and mutilated little girls claimed his alter ego "the Rat Man" had done it.

The terror of Tsutomu Miyazaki's four young victims must have been multiplied by the sight of his abnormally long, bony hands. A product of incest between his father and his oldest sister, they earned him the nickname of the "vampire killer" or "real life Nosferatu."

Anime-obsessed loner, Miyazaki was into necrophilia and was a cannibal who never showed any remorse for his shocking crimes up to the moment he was executed. His sick rampage began in 1988 when he was just 26-years-old.

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His first victim was Mari Konno, a four-year-old girl he abducted in his car in Tokyo. After taking her to the outskirts of the city, he brutally strangled her before sexually abusing her dead body.

After taking pictures of her corpse he undressed her and took her clothes home as twisted reminders of his actions before returning to the scene of the crime two days later to cut off her arms and legs.

Her parents had been holding out hope for her return after she disappeared while playing at a friend's house until the day a parcel arrived at their home.

Opening the package, they found a container of ashes, some teeth, a photo of the outfit Mari went missing with and a note that read: “Mari. Cremated. Bones. Investigate. Prove."

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Shortly afterwards, he took seven-year-old Masami Yoshizawa to the same spot where he repeated his ritual, dumping her body just a short distance from Mari’s.

In December of 1988, he struck again, seizing young Erika Namba and taking her to a car park where he took several naked pictures of her before killing her and leaving her body on display in the car park.

Both sets of parents – like Mari Konno’s – were subjected to menacing anonymous phone calls and cryptic messages sent in the post. The Nambas received one, spelled from words cut out of magazines, that read: “Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death.”

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Miyazaki's fourth and final murder was perhaps his most shocking and violent when he snatched Ayako Nomoto, five, after persuading her to let him take photographs of her in his car.

When she mentioned his deformed hands, he flew in to a range and strangled her before transporting her dead body to his flat where he sexually assaulted it for two days.

He then dismembered her, hiding her torso in a graveyard and her head in the hills – he kept her hands and later ate them.

Six weeks later, Miyazaki's sick reign of terror was finally ended – moments before he killed a fifth child.

Police searched his house finding pictures and videos of his victims. Photos taken of the dead eyed paedophile in custody show his creepy alien-like digits.

During his trial, Miyazaki refused to take any responsibility for his actions which he claimed were "acts of benevolence."

Instead he tried to argue his alter ego "the Rat Man" – a dark element of his personality who made him stalk, kill, rape and eat little girls – had forced him to do it, and he tried to claim insanity.

This was dismissed and on June 17, 2008, he was finally hanged for his evil crimes.

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