Father shares details of call to son during Hamas rampage

Police evacuate crowd from Supernova festival before Hamas attack

A distraught dad has shared details of the telephone conversation with his son seconds after Hamas launched their murderous killing spree at a music festival in Israel.

Meanwhile harrowing footage has shown frightened festival-goers running from advancing trucks filled with Hamas fighters as Israeli police desperately try to help evacuate the site and others hiding in the under bushes as gunmen go on the rampage, murdering 260 people.

Speaking to Politico, the father, Yomtov, says his son Ben called him moments after the terrorist opened fire.

He added: “I heard only gunshots, screams and Arabic language. My son said nothing.”

He did not know whether Ben was still alive, he admitted.

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Palestinian militants attacked the Supernova Festival, close to Kibbutz Re’im near to the Gaza Strip in a surprise offensive which also saw thousands of rockets shot into Israel from Gaza.

Survivors shared clips of their ordeal to social media, with some recording farewell messages to friends and family.

Previously music had played all night until 6.30am, when a siren sounded, warning the attack was on its way.

The clip shows several young people hiding in the bushes and speaking in hushed tones, with explosions clearly audible in the background.

In addition to those killed, many festivalgoers remain missing – with many fearing they are amongst women, children and elderly people abducted by Hamas.

Festival organisers said in a statement on social media they were assisting security forces to help track down the missing people.

Video posted to social media from the music festival also showed a young woman being abducted by men on a motorbike as she cried for help.

Another man nearby was led away with his hands behind his back.

Festival attendee Shoam Gueta told NBC News that he fled the chaos with a group of 20 people, hiding in the bushes for almost six hours, urging people to remain silent and in place while the attack unfolded.

He told the outlet that he saw people being shot as they tried to take cover and that he saw a woman cut with a knife.

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Festivalgoers hide in a bush after infiltration in Israel

Mr Gueta told NBC news: “We saw terrorists killing people, burning cars, shouting everywhere.

“If you just say something, if you make any noise, you’ll be murdered.”

Peleg Orev, a barman who was working at the festival and who left the moments deadly attack, told Good Morning Britain: “They were looking to kill as many people as they can with the main objective to kill innocent people.”

Meanwhile the mother of a 22-year-old Irish-Israeli woman who is missing after an unprecedented attack against Israel has spoken of her heartbreak as she waits for news about her daughter.

Irish-Israeli citizen Kim Damti was attending a music festival near the Gaza border when gunmen arrived at the site.

In an interview with ABC News, mother Jennifer Damti said her daughter had phoned them shortly after.

She said: “Kim didn’t realise there was like seven or eight Toyota vans full of terrorists and they just shot everywhere.

“They just shot them, slaughtered them like ducks, and that’s the reason I’m here, ’cause I want the world to condemn this behaviour.

“I didn’t bring my children up to hate anybody.

“You can’t sleep. All I can think about is where she is, if she’s suffering, if she’s still alive. I just want her back,”

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