Orders for nuclear fallout shelters in UK booming with WW3 fears on the rise

Demand for nuclear bunkers is exploding, says a man who builds them.

Paul Thompson’s fallout shelters business is having its busiest year ever thanks to worried Brits. Orders have boomed amid fears World War Three could break out because of the trouble in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Dad-of-one Paul set up his Lincolnshire Nuclear Fallout Shelters five years ago after he constructed a bunker-style retreat for a friend. His firm is now handling three or four new inquiries weekly.

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A family version with two bedrooms, a kitchen, living space and even a bathroom can cost around £90,000. Paul said: “If the world was peaceful and happy, there would be no work. One customer said that he would rather have a bunker and not need it, than need one and not have it.”

Paul, 43, from Spilsby, Lincolnshire, says his customers are professional people, many of them parents, who wish to protect their family in the event of a major incident. He said the people buying his shelters are all “rational, sensible, intelligent people”.

He added: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with preparing… if people want to label you then they can, let them. But your family will be protected. Five years ago I built one for a friend. I had spoken about building one, wondered how difficult it was and he said ‘do you fancy building me one.

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“As things in the world have progressed demand and inquiries have taken off.” But fear not, if you're unable to buy your own, the UK has several over them spread out across the country.

These shelters aren’t necessarily going to be the most high-tech things you’ve ever seen as they were mainly built during the Cold War when tensions with the West and the USSR (now Russia) reached an all-time high. The government built a network of bunkers around the country during this period and geared them all up with communication equipment and supplies to help those inside survive.

Chillingly though, never was it thought that this network would be big enough for everyone in the UK to take shelter in. But, as tensions between east and west cooled, many of the bunkers fell into disrepair. Despite this, some 258 remain spread out across the country, as per Subterranea Britannica.

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