Putin body double has chronic kidney failure and sinking movable cheekbones

The Kremlin is said to be in meltdown after it emerged Russian President Vladimir Putin's body double is seriously ill . . . and that his cosmetic surgery is failing miserably.

For the last month or, the Daily Star has been reporting on wild claims that Putin has been suffering from a myriad of health problems with a body double stepping in to carry out many of the despot's duties.

But the double appears to be having serious issues health-wise, and with his own face, which is why most of his recent appearances have been done via video link.

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Making more sensational claims, a Kremlin source said on Telegram: “The double has yet another problem with his appearance, his movable cheekbones are again failing him, and another attempt to fix them leads to a 'bruised' cheekbone. the appearance of his face, which should look youthful.

“The recent exacerbation of chronic kidney disease, and the experience of Covid, also became arguments in favour of the fact that it is better to take care of the double and limit the circle of his direct contacts. The main reason for the remote participation of 'Putin' is the lack of restraint in the statements of the understudy acting as president.”

The controversy over him not appearing in public comes a few days after he appeared via video link to the plenary session of the World Russian People's Council on Wednesday (November 29).

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This year's event has seen the Russian leader launch a scathing attack on the rest of the world. He raged, hitting out at what he called Russophobia: “They want to dismember and plunder Russia. If they cannot do it by force, they sow discord. We view any outside interference or provocations to incite ethnic or religious conflict as acts of aggression against our country, and an attempt to once again wield terrorism and extremism as a weapon against us, and we will respond accordingly.”

He was shown on a giant screen, and was later seen watching the rest of the event on a television in the comfort of his Kremlin base.

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