Putins troops confused as Russians seen shooting each over in night assault

Two ‘confused’ Russian soldiers have been caught on camera mistakenly opening fire on each other.

Night-time combat footage appears to show two soldiers exchanging fire. One then collapses shortly before an explosion goes off near the second fighter.

It is not known where or when the footage was captured. However, according to Newsweek, the footage has been put to the Russian Defense Ministry.

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Several instances of unverified and inaccurate footage have been circulated on social media. In some cases, it has been accompanied by claims of propaganda by both sides.

It comes after Russian president Vladimir Putin is set to move drunk soldiers into grim suicide combat units to punish them for their boozy ways. Despite the military being fond of a tipple or two, the consequences of a drunken night out may lead to almost certain death.

Should they be found drinking in Ukraine, the troops will be transferred to an almost suicide squad position. Instead of their usual combat squad, they will instead be deployed as part of "Storm Z", an "expendable" collection of troops who face almost certain death. Boozy troops or those being belligerent with top brass could also be transferred.

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Meanwhile, earlier this summer, Ukraine started its pushback against Russian forces on the southern and eastern front. They are hoping to make sweeping gains before harsher and muddier fall and winter conditions set in.

Ukrainian forces likely advanced in western Zaporizhzhia and close to the devastated, Russian-controlled eastern city of Bakhmut on Monday (October 9) "amid reports of deteriorating weather conditions in Ukraine," the Institute for the Study of War think tank said in its latest assessment.

"Exact conditions likely vary along the frontline, though weather conditions are generally worsening," the think tank added.

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Earlier this week Vladimir Putin has found himself inundated with grim birthday presents from ruthless dictator "chums" from around the world, including North Korea and Iran. The Russian president may be relieved to see he has been given "weapons" from despot Kim Jong-un, especially as Professor Anthony Glees alleges Ukrainian "birthday raids" are to be carried out.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's forces are hitting back at Russian aggressors. Professor Glees noted a number of "deep holes" punched by Ukrainian counter-attacks on "three Russian defensive lines". It may be the last birthday for the Russian president too, should the war in Ukraine lead to a major loss for Russia.

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