Hamas twisted Israeli raid plans unearthed in discarded document

Israeli authorities have disclosed the discovery of a meticulously prepared 14-page document outlining a planned assault by Hamas terrorists.

The document, entitled “Raid Plan” and dated October 2022, was found among the belongings of the attackers who unexpectedly infiltrated the border.

The document, discovered by the Israeli rescue group South First Responders (SFR) in a Toyota pick-up truck, provides a detailed account of the intended assault on the kibbutz of Mefalsim.

It includes specific instructions such as cutting holes in fences for unauthorised access and outlines the roles of the assailants involved.

According to the document, the assault was organised into a command structure led by a designated commander and two squads, each comprising five individuals. Tasks included taking prisoners, residents, and hostages for negotiations.

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The document also described the operational schedule and assigned responsibilities to squad members, detailing tasks ranging from creating openings in the fence, to providing artillery support.

It comes after the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, resulting in the loss of more than 1,200 lives.

The attackers used unconventional means, including motorbikes, hand-gliders, and bulldozers, targeting homes and a music festival.

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In response, Israeli forces retaliated with airstrikes, leading to days of heightened tensions marked by rocket fire.

The document also analysed the response time of Israeli forces, estimating that they could arrive from Nahal Oz in “two or three jeeps” within “three to five minutes”.

Israeli authorities are currently investigating the origins of the document and the individuals involved, pledging to bring those responsible to justice.

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