Putins warlord Kadyrov posts clip of son beating man suspected of burning Quran

Vladimir Putin's Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov published a shocking video online of his son beating a man accused of burning the Quran in a pre-trial detention center.

Kadyrov, 46, who has been busy trying to prove he is not dead, has now turned his hand to posting the violent clip online of his 15-year-old, and saying he is even proud of the youngster's act.

In mid-August Nikita Zhuravel, the man accused of burning the holy book complained that Adam Kadyrov had visited his cell and beaten him as his father stepped out.

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Authorities in Chechnya said afterwards that they respect human rights “at the highest level,” and a spokesman said that he would investigate the complaint about Adam’s behaviour, with unknown results.

But now Kadyrov, a father of twelve, has effectively bragged about the beat down in a post on Telegram, saying that the youngster "did the right thing".

"There are still disputes on the Internet about the fact that Adam Kadyrov beat the holy Quran burner Nikita Zhuravel, a member of the special services of Ukraine. Is this true or not?" he wrote.

Kadyrov, the Chechen President, continued: "He beat him up and did the right thing. Moreover, I believe that anyone who offends against any scripture should be severely punished, including those who demonstratively burn it."

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"Our country has a unique law that protects religious values and they are protected by the state at the highest level. Without exaggeration, yes, I am proud of Adam's act," added Kadyrov.

Reports state that Russian investigators have claimed that Zhuravel, a native of Ukraine, was paid to photograph Russia military sites for the Ukrainian secret services.

RadioFreeEurope reported that when Adam was just six-years-old, Chechen religious scholars named him “Russia’s youngest hafiz,” referring to a person who has memorized the Quran by heart.

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