Sofa-surfing student wins most valuable home – and can make huge sum renting it

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    A student nurse who was forced to couch surf because of the UK's rental crisis has won a £5m house in one of the UK's most posh places – and could rent it out for a fortune each month.

    Oceanne Belle, 49, was struggling to afford her studies after her landlord increased her rent. But she's had the last laugh after winning a stunning Chelsea townhouse worth a whopping £5,000,000.

    And she's also bagged £100,000 in cash thanks to the Omaze prize draw, which ironically is part of a campaign that raised £2,600,000 for an NHS charity.

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    Her new four-storey home, which she won with a £10 ticket, is in the sought-after Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The property is also the most valuable house ever to be won in a UK prize draw. The beautiful townhouse comes mortgage-free, with all stamp duty and legal fees covered. Oceanne is free to either live in the house, rent it out or sell it to become a cash multi-millionaire.

    Local estate agents estimate that the property could achieve a long-term rental value of around £140,000 a year. Oceanne studies full-time at the University of Sunderland in London, and and will finish her BSc (Bachelor of Science) degree in Health and Social Care in January. Originally from the Seychelles, Oceanne has lived in London for 19 years with her long-term partner 56 year old Messaoud, nicknamed Didine.

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    She initially blocked the number of Omaze, the competition organisers, as she didn't recognise it. She now calls her win the "best Christmas present ever".

    She said: "It was a Friday night and I'd been writing a dissertation all day and feeling a bit down in the dumps as it's so stressful. 'I got a few calls from a number I didn't know so I blocked it, twice!

    ''Then I got a text message telling me I'd won an Omaze prize – I just text back saying this must be a joke!? I eventually went downstairs to see who was there and was greeted by the Omaze team singing funny Christmas carols, then the next thing I knew I'd won a multimillion-pound house and my life had changed forever!

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    "I never win anything and had only ever entered Omaze draws twice before – I guess it's a case of third time lucky! When they told me I'd won the grand prize I was shaking. It's still sinking in and I was still shaking on Sunday.

    "My partner and I are staying with friends in their flat at the moment as my old landlord kept on putting our rent up and up, so we couldn't afford to stay there any longer. 'I'm studying to become a paediatric nurse one day, so it's very difficult to pay for rent in London while also being at university full-time."

    The next Omaze Million Pound House Draw is for a home in Somerset at

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