Streamer kicked out of country over boobs banned from Twitch for ninth time

Adult star and Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty, or Kiki to her loyal social media fans, has been banned from Twitch for a staggering ninth time.

After StreamerBans announced on X Twitch's decision to ban the streamer one user cheekily quipped: "Twitch better give her a plaque on her 10th. She deserves it."

Some fans have even started speculating whether she will ever return to Twitch with one user saying: "Is this ban permanent?"

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While it's still not known what has got the star banned this time around, she certainly hasn't shied away from controversy in the past.

According to the StreamerBans website, she has managed to rack up the bans in the space of less than three years with her first coming on January 15 2021 and her longest ban saw her kicked off Twitch for over a month in May 2021.

As we reported last month, the streamer took a slightly unconventional method of making money as she turned to farting into jars for cash, charging a huge $300 (£245) for her fart-filled jars.

Kiki also claims that she was kicked out of South Korea after someone reported her for "having her boobs out".

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But, it's not just her fart jars that have got her loyal fans talking, her recent Instagram posts have seen comment after comment.

In her most recent post which has seen over 14,000 likes she posed for a racy photo with the caption" Is this art or porn?"

And fans couldn't be any quicker to comment with one saying: "I have no complaints about that" whilst another simply said: "You looking gorgeous today kiaraakitty."

In response to a negative comment that read: "It's not art or porn, it's attention seeking." Kiaraakitty fired back: "At least i get paid from the attention. Not so bad after all."

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