What Should Be in a First Aid Kit?

There are many situations when first aid supplies are the only way to save someone’s life. Some accidents can take place at home, in public places, outdoors, while traveling, etc. That is why the well-stocked first aid kit is critically important for your safety almost everywhere (especially if you are on the go with children or elderly people).

Of course, you can add any over-the-counter or prescription medications from the local drugstores or certified Mexican pharmacy stores. But there is a range of must-have healthcare supplies to obtain in your first aid kit.

Top 5 Supplies for Your Basic First Aid Kit

One first aid kit can vary from another. It depends on your health issues and obligatory medications for your dear and near ones. Nevertheless, there is a list of basic supplies to add to your first aid kit.

1 – Plasters, Bandages & Cleaning Supplies

Even minor accidents can bring small injuries and wounds to treat properly. You need something to disinfect the damaged place and cover your cuts, burns, scratches, etc. For this purpose, add to your first aid kit:

  • Plasters (small and medium-sized);
  • Sterile gauze dressings and triangular bandages;
  • Sterile gloves;
  • Cleansing wipes;
  • Antiseptic spray or cream.

Everything you can find locally or purchase these supplies on the Internet. For example, online Mexican pharmacy stores like MedicinesMexico offer a wide range of basic items like roller bandages, alcohol-free ointments, and plasters.

2 – Painkillers

A solid headache or backache can spoil any holiday. It is horrible when you are on the go with severe pain. Put high-grade painkillers into your first aid kit. It is better to take paracetamol, aspirin, or ibuprofen. If you suffer from constant migraines, try a win-win medication Imigran Imitrex or other generic as the alternative to common painkillers available in most Mexican pharmacy stores on the Internet.

3 – Antihistamine Supplies

Do not forget about antihistamine creams or pills to avoid unpleasant situations while traveling. You can try some unusual or heavy local food or drinks even not far from your home. Some allergic reactions are possible also in the case of insect bites. That is why antihistamine medications are a must for your first aid kit.

It is recommended to add alternative ointments or sprays to relieve stings and other damaged skin zones. You can buy supplies with 100% natural ingredients for this purpose in the best Mexican pharmacy stores (like calendula skin rash cream).

4 – Cold Medications

Fever or cold can attack you everywhere. Especially when it comes to acclimatization or temperature bouncing. Protect your health with the help of suitable medications required to treat all the symptoms of these illnesses. Additionally, it is recommended to add a digital thermometer to the first aid kit.

5 – Prescription Medications

If you have some chronic diseases, it is better to complement your first aid kit with the medications of your interest as well. These regular medical supplies should be purchased in advance locally or in the Mexican pharmacy online stores. It is better to travel safely and know that your pills or injection liquid are close at hand.

You should be responsible for your health. Buy everything you need and put it into the first aid kit. Do not forget all the basic supplies and prescription medications for your chronic diseases. This way you will be sure that any accidents won’t ruin your plans.